Cable Operated Grab Screens


Cable operated mechanical screens are the model of front raked bar screens which are used to capture solid materials in both municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants, and can be preferred as fine and coarse screens. They are robust equipment especially designed for use in deep and wide channels for the purpose of protecting the pumps and mechanical equipment in plant from damages and enhancing the following operations. This type of screen can be easily mounted in any channel depth at an angle between 60 and 90, generally preferred in deep channels due to its durable structure. These equipment have an automatic cleaning mechanism which can be set by time or water level. They are equipped with a grab rake that is raised and lowered by means of one or two sets of cables to clean the stationary bar rack. Operation mechanism of these screens can be arranged according to channel width.

Sismat Uluslararası provides two types of cable operated mechanical screens as HK2 and HK1:

HK2 is a mechanical screen which is operated by one cable for channel width up to 1200 mm,

HK1 is a mechanical screen which is operated by two cables for channel width greater than 1200 mm. Sismat Uluslararası Cable Operated Mechanical Screens are mainly made up of frame, screen, grab rake, cable, counter wiper, drive unit and discharge chute.


• Durable design

• Suitable for use in deep channels

• Capable of removing large amounts of solid materials

• No mechanical components under water level

• Quick and easy installation

• Low investment and maintenance cost

• Low energy consumption