Rotary Disc Screens


Rotary disc screens are used in physical treatment units of wastewater treatment plants to remove suspended solid materials (e.g. textile fibers, paper fibers, plastic parts, etc.) present in wastewater by using mechanical methods. They are considerably preferred equipment which is used to prevent some possible clogging and failures in the other units of treatment plants. On the other hand, they are the ideal screen systems for the protection of heat exchangers used in heat recovery systems. This type of screens can be operated with precipitation and flocculation systems and it allows that phosphorus amount present in wastewater is reduced to very low levels. Thus, eutrophication of water and excessive growth of algae is prevented. Rotary disc screens consist of water distribution weir, disc screens, water spray system to clean the screen surface and waste collection chamber. They are designed as enclosed to prevent odor and water splash problems. The capacity and cleaning capability of the equipment is proportional to the number of disc pairs. Disc pairs are covered with stainless sieve wires. In case of power failure or overflow conditions, wastewater flows through a bypass line of the screen. In this way, rotating disc screen is prevented from being damaged.


• High filtration efficiency

• Reduction of suspended solids, COD, BOD

• By-pass line in case of overflow conditions

• Self-cleaning system and no need for external wash water

• Compact design

• Continuously operation

• Easy installation and maintenance